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Hi fellassssss!
How you guys doin' all this time of the year??
Pretty much unexplainable for me and pretty messed up.
But I got to go to college anyway. That's the best thing.
So, I wanna say Merry Christmas to all of you and welcoming the 2017 
so, Happy New Year!
We finally gonna end this fckd up year.

Jadi, as everyone doing the new year's resolution (kalo emang masih pada termotivasi ya) 
well, i'm not doing it. HAHA
karena gue tau gue bakal melupakan semua resolusi gue itu sebelum bulan Februari bahkan..
that pretty sums up why I've always been the same all these years. hehe
Daripada melakukan resolusi, gue ingin membuat sebuah bucket lists dimana semua hal yang ingin gue lakukan di 2017 akan gue tuangkan dalam postingan kali ini.
I feel like it's been a decade since I posted my last post.
It's been hella hectic with college and stuffs. well, damn college life.
Okay, no need to be such a chatty, gue akan list apa aja yang mau gue lakuin di 2017 nanti :

1. Go to an amusement park (bocah? biarin aja yang penting seneng)
2. Makan rawon deket kosan (definitely will!)
3. Lebih aktif di kampus
4. Baca min. 5 buku baru
5. Punya gebetan (ya sebelum pacar paling ga gebetan dulu lah ya)
6. Photobox dengan 5 orang berbeda
7. Pergi ke 3 cafe berbeda di Bandung
8. Getting spotify premium (haven't got a chance to do it til now pft)
9. Getting more friends so I don't have a damn phone without notification
10. GAK tahun baruan sendiri lagi (hm..this one is pretty conditional tho)

YAA..itu beberapa lists yang ingin gue lakuin di 2017 nanti.
Getting excited and wish that 2017 will be a brand new fresh year to be passed.
I wish I will have more luck next year and you guys too!
May God bless us all.
See you guys next year!!

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